Temporary phone number, some things you need to know

Why use a temporary phone number to receive SMS online ?

Are you encountering some difficulties when using various network services?

  1. Nowadays, many software has to bind a phone number when registering, requiring you to enter a verification code, and at the same time obtain your mobile phone information. But in many cases, people don’t want to disclose the phone number, do not want to be forced to bind personal information.
  2. .On dating or blind date websites, contact information such as phone numbers is required to facilitate follow-up contact with each other. However, since the phone numbers are public, everyone is worried that they will be harassed.
  3. When network marketing practitioners post on major website forums for network promotion and register their accounts to receive SMS verification codes or registration codes, they really do not want to reveal the actual mobile phone number.

At this time, if you have a virtual phone number or temporary phone number, you can register and receive SMS. Isn’t it very convenient and cool!

The benefits of using a temporary phone number to receive sms online.

1. In modern society, most people tend to forget their passwords. Therefore, for convenience, major websites or APPs have appeared one after another with mobile phone numbers or emails for SMS verification for registration and login operations. If you don’t want to use your real number, you can use a virtual phone number or a temporary phone number to receive SMS online.

2. On dating sites or dating sites, if you are worried about phone harassment in the future, you can use a temporary phone number when registering.

3 Protect your privacy, prevent information leakage, and effectively reduce your risk of being harassed by unfamiliar calls or sales calls.

What is a temporary phone number SMS verification code receiving platform?

The website owner purchases and connects the virtual phone number and port from the operator, and shares it with the user to provide a platform for receiving SMS online and SMS verification code services.

Here, I recommend a temporary phone number SMS verification code receiving platform, using this platform does not need to provide any personal information, does not need to register, and more importantly, it is free! Cool! You can go to the website to download and install his browser plug-in or go to the Google Store to download his APP, or you can use the web version directly.

How to use the temporary phone number SMS receiving platform to receive the verification code

 Just select the temporary phone number of the country you need from the website or software list, copy and paste it to the place where you need to use the phone number, click the register or confirm button, and then return to the website or software page, refresh Page, you can find the verification code information corresponding to the phone number in the data list at the bottom of the page. 

You can use it to receive information from FACEBOOK, Google, TELEGRAM, WECHAT, VK, PAYPAL, WhatsApp, Line, etc. The temporary phone number SMS verification code receiving platform can be used for user registration, mobile phone binding, secure login, and identity verification Retrieve password, etc. Since all the obtained SMS verification codes will be made public on the platform, and everyone can view them, I suggest that you never use these temporary phone numbers to register and log in to financial management and other applications, or long-term use and applications involving personal privacy.

The above information is for learning reference only.

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