How to Get a USA Phone Number Newest in 2021

Virtual USA phone numbers is a great way to protect your privacy when dealing with forum resource downloads, communication established on online classified sites, or when registering for services, data service trials, and quick identity verification.

We sometimes have to register to use some websites or platform services that may not be used frequently, and mobile phone numbers are inevitably required to be bound to register. Over time, our personal information is stored in other people’s databases, and for these, We personally cannot do anything about the delivered private data, but in many cases, we don’t want to disclose the phone number or be forced to bind and leak personal information. Virtual USA phone number can reduce the possibility of personal data being publicly exposed to the network, thereby avoiding possible risk losses and advertising harassment.

Method one:Using a Virtual USA Phone Number


Try a free inbound SMS confirmation service. If you just need a temporary phone number to confirm an SMS code when registering for an account or service, you have many options. Free service of this nature offer revolving sets of phone numbers you can enter without having to register—the only thing is, texts you receive are accessible to anyone looking at the website. This is fine if you’re just receiving a confirmation code, but don’t use it for personal messages. Some options to try:

  1.  offers phone numbers for various countries at different times,No registration is required. it’s free, and new numbers are added daily.
usa phone number

Try TextPlus for a free, SMS-only service. If you only want to be ready to send and receive SMS text messages with others without using your real telephone number, TextPlus may be a free option available on the Google Play Store and therefore the Apple App Store. Texts are free, but calls are 2 cents per minute. rather than using your phone’s SMS service, TextPlus uses Wi-Fi.

Ask a lover if you’ll receive a call or text message. If you only got to receive a one-time message, it’s going to be easiest to ask a true person for help. If you do not have anyone to ask, the subreddit /r/phoneverification is devoted to helping people complete verification processes. you’ll either create a post that explains what you would like (as well as what you’re willing to pay) or answer an existing post. there is no thanks to knowing needless to say whether someone’s services are legitimate, so use this feature at your own risk.

Method two: Buying Temporary Use Phones or Cards
Purchase a prepaid telephone . For a simple, temporary telephone number, purchase a prepaid telephone from a phone store, emporium, or shop . Also referred to as “burner phones,” many of those prepaid cell phones are exponentially cheaper than what you will find at the mainstream mobile stores. Follow the instructions for activation, which usually involves calling the service provider from a landline or visiting their website. there’s no requirement to offer the service provider your name or personal information.
·If you need more airtime than what’s given the phone, purchase a further airtime card from an equivalent provider and activate it in an equivalent way.
Buy a short-lived use SIM card. If your phone is unlocked, you’ll skip buying an entire new burner phone in favor of a temporary-use SIM card. Open up your phone and replace your current SIM card with the new one, then send a text to the amount indicated on your card to activate it. Your new number will stay active until you run out of the minutes or data allotted with the cardboard .

  1. ZipSIM offers temporary use SIM cards starting at $20 for a week’s worth of calls, texting, and data usage.
  2. WorldSIM offers temporary SIM cards
  3. Temporary SIM cards will only work with an unlocked phone.

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