How to Get SMS from the virtual phone number generator

The owner of the receiving code website can purchase and connect a fake phone number and port from the operator, and share it with the user to provide a free online service to get SMS and SMS verification codes. The platform can be used without providing any personal information, which can reduce the possibility of public exposure of personal data to the Internet, thereby avoiding possible risk losses and advertising harassment.

We sometimes have to register to use certain websites or platform services that may not be used frequently. For convenience, major websites or apps have appeared with mobile phone numbers verified by SMS to register and log in. Our personal information is stored in other people’s databases, and most of us cannot do anything. At the same time, most personal mobile phone numbers have passed real-name verification, so they are very practical. There are constant user data leakage incidents on the network platform. Whether using common platforms or some world-renowned companies are also facing user data leakage problems. . Based on this, what can our users do?

Here, I recommend a code-receiving website(, which can be used for free without registration. At the same time, APP and browser plug-ins can be used. Just select the virtual phone number of the desired country/region from the page list to use It to get SMS online from FACEBOOK, Google, TELEGRAM, WECHAT, VK, PAYPAL, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter. etc. Temporary phone SMS verification code receiving website can be used for user registration, mobile phone binding, secure login, identity verification, password pass. All SMS verification codes obtained will be published on the platform and everyone can view them. It is recommended that you do not use these temporary virtual phones Number registration and login financial management and other applications, or long-term use and personal privacy applications.

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