What is the United States mobile number format?

Unlike many other countries, United States mobile number is on the same numbering system as landlines. This is why incoming calls always count against minutes (not that it matters much anymore, since minutes tend to be unlimited for most phone plans). There is no way to differentiate between calling a mobile or a landline, so a different rate would be difficult to put in place. It is also why telemarketers calling a mobile phone can get into legal trouble if you complain enough.

United States mobile number


N=digits 2–9, X=digits 0–9

+1 is the country code that includes the US, there are 17 other countries, e.g., Canada, Caribbean Islands.

The first 3 digits, NXX, is the area code that corresponds to a geographic area like a city. Or it could designate a service, like toll-free (aka, free phone number).

The next 3 digits are called the central office code. NXX-NXX designates a specific service provider and switches for routing purposes.

The full 10 digits are called a line number, which are assigned to users.

In all cases, United States mobile number share area code with landline and legacy devices.

In MOST cases, the exchange is common to a specific mobile carrier.

In SOME cases, the number block may be shared by multiple carriers, in groups of 1000 numbers.

As an example. In area code 505, all United States mobile number that are in exchange 319 originally belong to AT&T wireless and its affiliated companies and resellers.

However, in exchange 554, blocks 2 and 3 belong to Comcast, while the remaining 8 blocks belong to Verizon (wireless)

Due to practical and temporary needs such as forum resource downloads and data service trials,

 we sometimes have to register to use some websites or platform services that may not be used frequently, and mobile phone numbers are inevitably required to be bound to register.

Over time, our personal information is stored in someone else’s database, and most of us can do nothing about the delivered private data. If you don’t want to use your real United States mobile number, you can use a virtual phone number or a temporary phone number to receive SMS code online.

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